News and Information

Imaging News:

  • You asked for it and we delivered!  We've upgraded our system just to improve your user experience.  No more Java and browser restrictions when approving a task in Perceptive Content!  Also, the screen resolution of documents has been improved for easier viewing.  Click here for "How To" documentation.

  • Since the upgrade there are two (2) web versions of Perceptive Content:

    1. To approve Imaging Task ONLY, use the new web version called Experience (No Java or Browser Restrictions)
    2. To view and process documents in Perceptive Content, use the old web version called WebNow  (Java and Browser [IE or FireFox ESR only] Restrictions)
  • New Document Views to access your own documents, ie. Travel Documents, Financial Transcaction Reports (FTR), and Payment Book Receipts (PBR) submissions:

  1. My HR Documents - this document view will display all your MCD Allowance forms.
  2. My FTRs - this document view will display all the FTRs that you submitted.
  3. My PBRs - this document view will display all the PBRs that you submitted.
  4. My Travel Documents - this document view will display all your travel documents.

  • New Task Views to access your approvals for eTravel Authorizations and Financial Transcaction Reports (FTR):

  1. My eTAs - this task view will display all the eTAs that you have to approve. (New)
  2. My FTRs - this task view will display all the FTRs that you have to approve.  (New)

  • New eForms coming soon!

  1. Travel Authorization (eTA) - now LIVE!
  2. Payment Research Request Form (formerly Check Research Request) - now LIVE!
  3. Various Financial Aid Student Forms:
    • Cost of Attendence Adjustment - now LIVE!
    • Independent Verification Worksheet - now LIVE!
    • Loan Change Request - now LIVE!
    • Short Term Loan - now LIVE!
    • SAP Appeal Action Plan Form - now LIVE!
    • Independent Student Reconsideration Form - now LIVE!
    • SAP Appeal Form - Fall 2016
  4. Tuition Surcharge Waiver Form - now LIVE!
  5. Imaging Document Submission Form - now Live! (AP, ISSO, REG, UA Offices Only)
  6. Independent Contractor Checklist - now LIVE!
  7. Various Fixed Asset Forms:
    • Fixed Asset Building and Infrastructure Disposition Form - now LIVE!
    • Fixed Assets Equipment Disposition/Transfer (Surplus) Form - now LIVE!
    • Fixed Assets Off Campus Equipment Use Form - now LIVE!
    • Fixed Assets Trade-In Approval Form - now LIVE!
    • Fixed Assets Transfers Between Agencies Approval Form - now LIVE!
  8. Banner Finance/49er Mart/Position Control/FSS Access Request Form - Summer 2018
  9. P-Card Application/Change Form - now LIVE!
  10. MCD Allowances Form - now LIVE!
  11. Budget Revision BD606/BD607 Forms - Fall 2017 (currently in development)
  12. Ecommerce Data Standard Acknowlegement Form - Fall 2017
  13. Ecommerce Access Request Form - Fall 2017
  14. Vendor Information Form - Fall 2017
  15. Mileage and Parking Reimbursement Form - Summer 2017 (currently in development)
  16. Sponsored Guest Accounts - now LIVE!
  17. Employee Separation Form - Fall 2017 (currently in development)
  18. Financial Certification Form - now LIVE!

  • New Departments joining the Imaging Family coming soon!

  1. International Student and Scholar Office - now LIVE!
  2. Student Accounts Office - now LIVE!
  3. University Scholarship Office - now LIVE!
  4. Office of Institutional Research - now LIVE!
  5. College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (Dean's Office) - Spring 2017
  6. Budget Office - now LIVE!
  7. University Advancement (Business Office) - now LIVE!
  8. Tax Office - now LIVE!