Welcome to the Imaging System

Perceptive Content (aka ImageNow) a content management software system that adapts to your business processing needs. It uploads, organizes, and stores documents/content. The imaging system ensures that all documents are secure, quickly retrievable, and tied to the files and applications you want, with comments and annotations as needed. It can capture and manage data from emails, reports, and non-image file formats such as DOC and TXT. In the imaging system, you can assign tasks to users, move documents to users through a workflow, and more.

Document Management System

Workflow System

  • ImageNow also has a very powerful workflow system using these documents.  A workflow consists of a sequence of connected steps where each step follows without delay or gap and ends just before the subsequent step may begin. ImageNow allows us to define these workflows and send documents in the system through them in order to manage UNC Charlotte's work.

Examples of workflows currently being used by UNC Charlotte within ImageNow are travel requests, vendor setup, and veteran application processing.  ImageNow allows these workflows to be setup and managed in all electronic format.

For questions about the system please submit a helpdesk online ticket or contact ImageNowHelp@uncc.edu.

Last modified: Thursday, 5 January 2017, 11:16 AM